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Code of Conduct

Members of our Interior Desigers are required to conduct their professional practice in a manner that will command the respect of clients, suppliers of goods and services to the Plulic, Customers, other Interior Designers and the Company, It is the individual responsibility of every member in the company to uphold this code

Responsibility to the Public

  • Members accept a professional obligation to further the social and aesthetic standards of the Public.

  • Members agreed that he/she shall at all time consider the health, safety and welfare of the public in spaces they design.

  • Members shall not consciously assume or accept a position in which his personal interests conflict with his professional duty.

Responsibility to other Designers

  • Members shall not interfere with the performance of another designer's contractual or professional relationship with a client.

  • Member must be fiar in criticism and shall not denigrate the work or reputation of a fellow designer.

  • Members shall not take credit for work that has actually been created by another member or member's firm, and under the members' s supervision.

Responsibility to the Clients

  • Any advertising or publicity material must contain only truthful factual statements, It must be fair to clients and other designers, and in accordance with the dignity of the profession.

  • Members may allow clients to use their names for the promotion of spaces they have designed or services whcih they have provided but only in a manner which is appropriate to the status of the profession.

  • Members shall not allow their names to be associated with the realisation of the diesng which has been so changed by the cleint as to no longer to be substantially the orignial work of the designer.

Responsibility to the Company

  • Members who have a reasonable belief, based upon substantial information, that another member has acted in violation of this code, shall report such information to the company.

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